Findings and Responses to Comments relating to the Council’s decision to amend the Fish and Wildlife Program to add the Blackfoot River Subbasin Plan

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The Council is adopting the management plan elements of the Blackfoot River Subbasin Plan into the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program. This document explains the Council’s disposition of the Blackfoot subbasin plan recommendation, and also explains how the Council responded to the public comments it received on the recommended program amendment. Note that the Council’s subbasin plan decision in 2005 included a lengthy discussion of the Council’ subbasin planning effort, the purpose and structure of subbasin plans, the legal requirements for amending the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program, required findings on the recommended subbasin plans, and responses to comments on the proposed amendments. The 2005 decision document is incorporated here by reference, and its detail will not be repeated here. This subbasin plan decision document should be considered a supplement to the earlier decision document. Both decision documents are formally part of the Fish and Wildlife Program along with subbasin plans themselves.

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