Upper Snake, Headwaters, Closed Basin Subbasins Plan

The plan is available in Adobe PDF format by section below. Click filesizes to download.

The Management Plan sections (and supplements, where they exist) were formally adopted into the Fish and Wildlife Program.

PDF formats
  Upper Snake Province Assessment (May 2004)
4.3m   Introduction and Overview
5.7m   Biological Resources
3m   Limiting Factors
1m   Inventory
80k   References
30k   Affiliations
2m   Appendix 1: Species Lists
1.9m   Appendix 2: Data Information
1.7m   Appendix 3: Limiting Factors
400k   Appendix 4: Project Inventory
330k   Addendum to the Assessment (Dec 2004)
30k   Table 8. Water Quality Listed Streams
690k   Appendix A. Comments
1.2m   Appendix B. Key issues
550k   Appendix C. Tribal data missing
250k   Appendix D. Meeting notes
430k Inventory (Dec 2004)
950k Management Plan (Dec 2004)
230k   Appendix A-1
3.3m   Appendices A-2 through A-7
70k   Appendix B
Last updated 3/23/05: New management plan, inventory, addendum

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