Lower Columbia Province Plan

The plan is available in Adobe PDF format by section below. Click filesizes to download.

The Management Plan sections (and supplements, where they exist) were formally adopted into the Fish and Wildlife Program.

Important note: While the Estuary and Lower Columbia Mainstem are included in this Lower Columbia Province Plan for Washington, the main Estuary and Lower Columbia bi-state subbasin plans are submitted together as a separate bi-state plan.

PDF formats
640k Management Plan Supplement (Dec 2004)
1.1m   Plan Overview
6.5m Volume I: Regional Plan, or by chapter:
390k   1. Introduction
1m   2. Species
2m   3. Limiting Factors
230k   4. Scientific Foundation
720k   5. Recovery Goals
290k   6. Strategies and Measures
270k   7. Monitoring, Research & Evaluation
510k   8. Implementation
40k   9. Planning Chronology
260k   10. Reference
  Volume II: Subbasin Plans
4.1m   II.A  Lower Columbia Mainstem (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
1.2m   II.B  Estuary Tributaries (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
2.3m   II.C  Grays Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
4.6m   II.D  Elochoman Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
11m   II.E  Cowlitz Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
2m   II.F  Kalama Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
6.6m   II.G  Lewis Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
3.9m   II.H  Lower Columbia Tributaries (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
3.4m   II.I  Washougal Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
3.4m   II.J  Wind Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
1.7m   II.K  Little White Salmon Subbasin (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
870k   II.L  Columbia Gorge Tributaries (also see Subbasin Dashboard)
4.5m   A.  Focal Fish Species
6.8m   B.  Other Species
510k   C.  Program Directory
1.1m   D.  Economic Framework
4.8m   E.  Assessment Methods
Also see original May 2004 version

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