Flathead Subbasin Plan

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The Management Plan sections (and supplements, where they exist) were formally adopted into the Fish and Wildlife Program.

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  10m   Entire plan
  1.1m Executive Summary
17m 6m Assessment
  1.4m Inventory
  2m Management Plan
  60k 1. Agencies and their jurisdictional responsibilities
  1.6m 2. Climate summaries
  60k 4. Brief geologic history
  110k 5. Land forms
  7.7m 6. Land-type association descriptions
7. Natural vegetation communities
  190k 8. USFWS listed and candidate species
  140k 9. General Descriptions of Major Wetland Plant Communities in
the upper portion of the Flathead Subbasin
10. Habitat type groups
  150k 11. Descriptions of habitat groups
  570k 12. MFWP comments
  180k 13. Aquatic and terrestrial vertebrate species occurrences
  230k 14. CSKT sensitive species and heritage program ranks for species
  880k 15. Red and blue-listed vertebrate and vascular plant species
  80k 16. Listed species and species of concern by agency
  80k 17. Excerpt from Critical Lands Status Report
  460k 18. Excerpt from Return to the River
  4.7m 19. Excerpt on the Limnology of Flathead Lake
  160k 20. 303(d) Impaired Waters Database
  6.4m 21. Barriers map
  1.6m 22. Draft nutrient management plan and total maximum daily load
  410k 23-25. Bull trout baseline conditions
  290k 26. Qualitative Habitat Assessment (QHA): Stream and Lake Habitat Attribute Scores
  270k 27. Target species descriptions
  150k 28. Geomorphology
  6.4m 29. Ecologically Significant Wetlands: North Fork
  3m 29b. Ecologically Significant Wetlands: Flathead, Stillwater, and Swan
  110k 30. Fire effects on key ecological processes in forested ecosystems
  480k 31. Disturbance processes and functions of habitat groups
  280k 32. Historic vegetation conditions
  1.2m 33. Forest resources
  2.7m 34. Departure from historic vegetation conditions
  330k 35. Pre-1850 species list
  100k 36. KEFs by biome
  150k 37. IBIS methods
  80k 39. Historic records of bull trout
  80k 40. Life history of bull trout
  7.6m 41. Bull trout maps
  100k 42. Brook trout streams
43. Summary of Section 7 consultation baseline reports
  640k 44. USFS Region 1 Cohesive Strategy Team Vulnerabilty Analysis
  2m 45. American Wildlands GIS-based coarse-scale analysis
  5.8m 46. Westslope cutthroat trout (WCT) genetic distribution & status
  4.2m 48. WCT distribution & conservation classes
  250k 50. Creston National Fish Hatchery: HGMP
  120k 51. WCT broodstock history
52. Montana trout genetic data set
  630k 53. WCT status review
  5.4m 54. WCT status review: Update
55. WCT risk scores
  740k 56. Management of Montana amphibians
  2m 57. Predicted distributions of terrestrial vertebrates species
  210k 58. Flathead Forest Plan Amendment 21, Appendix IV Subbasins and Geographic Unit Descriptions
  5.7m 59. The Transboundary Flathead
  23m 60. Transboundary Cumulative Effects Analysis for the Grizzly Bear
  220k 61. USGS Gaging Station hydrologic data
  200k 62. QHA user's guide
  2m 63. Hydrography maps
  100k 64. Excerpt from Hungry Horse scientific framework
  920k 65. Pathogens
  410k 66. KEC analysis
  500k 67. Review of bull trout life-history and habitat use in relation to compensation and improvement opportunities
  210k 68. Bull trout data for Hungry Horse and South Fork Flathead
  1.5m 69. Bull Trout Draft Recovery Plan. Chapter 3: Clark Fork
  510k 70. Trilinear Water Quality Diagram
  web 71. Hydrologic Click Map (web-based map navigation)
  6.5m 72. The Nature Conservancy's SITES model wide-ranging carnivore resource selection functions map
73. Wildlife Habitat Impact Assessment Tool
  3.5m 74. South Fork Flathead Watershed Westslope Cutthroat Trout Conservation Program Annual Report
  2.1m 75. Key hydrologic attributes of HUC-6 watersheds
76. Land cover type of HUC-6 watersheds
77. Land use in HUC-6 watersheds
  390k 78. British Columbia bull trout brochure
  720k 79. British Columbia WCT brochure
  390k 80. Sekokini Springs HGMP
  12m 81. Inventory of Flathed River and Tributaries
  740k 82. North Fork of the Flathead: A Canadian view (article)
  80k 83. EDT explanation
  130k 84. Bull trout glossary
  60k 85. Historic bull trout articles
  130k 86. Bull trout genetics GNP
  710k 87. Further evidence that lake trout displace bull trout
  500k 93. Impacts of climate change on the Pacific Northwest
  80k 94. Study proposal for BPA-funded basin assessment
  1.7m 95. New resident fish monitoring project called for by NPCC Mainstem Amendment
  1.2m 96. ISRP presentation
    97. Near-term opportunities maps (too large to download; call for CD)
  110k 98. Public involvement/communication component
  2.8m 99. Big Creek TMDL

Updates: 10/31/05: Updated mgmt plan, inventory, 12/22/04: Added appendices; 10/15/04: Replaced plan with final amendment version

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