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199503300 - O&M Yakima Basin Fish Screens

Sponsor: Bureau of Reclamation

Budgets: FY07: $95,480 | FY08: $98,350 | FY09: $101,300

Short description: This proposal provides for continuation of funding for the existing comprehensive operation & maintenance program by the USBR of BPA owned Yakima Phase II fish screening and trapping facilities.

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Final Council recommendation (Nov 2006)

Funding category: Expense

Recommended budgets: FY07: $96,000 | FY08: $96,000 | FY09: $96,000


ISRP final recommendation: Fundable


This proposal would continue O & M on Yakima basin screens, clearly an essential, routine component of the process. The proponents seem to have shown consistent improvement over the history of the project and have a track record of success and monitoring. Proposal 198506200 provides monitoring data using up-to-date technology for the performance of the screens. "A thorough review of O&M activities at one-fourth of all sites each year" is the target for the program. More rationale is needed to support the 25% sample rate as well as information on how the sites are chosen. It is possible that some problem sites are going unattended until it is their turn in the cycle?

State/province recommendation:

Review group:

Recommended budgets: FY07: (n/a) | FY08: (n/a) | FY09: (n/a)