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200727700 - Hamilton Creek Stabilization and Habitat Rehabilitation

Sponsor: Skamania County

Budgets: FY07: $969,270 | FY08: $107,925 | FY09: $29,350

Short description: The stabilization and habitat rehabilitation of 5300 feet of Hamilton Creek, North Bonneville, Skamania County, Washington.

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Final Council recommendation (Nov 2006)

Funding category: Expense

Recommended budgets: FY07: $0 | FY08: $0 | FY09: $0


ISRP final recommendation: Not fundable


The ISRP found this proposal to be not fundable. The problems in Hamilton Creek regarding the degraded spawning habitat for the primary focal species, chum salmon, are only generally described. Documentation and references are mostly lacking in the background section, other than referring to the Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery Plan and Fish and Wildlife Subbasin Plan (2004) several times. The proposal would be improved if several specific recommendations for habitat restoration of Hamilton Creek were included/cited in the text. The proposal also needs much more specific detail regarding habitat requirements of species to be rehabilitated. Not only for chum salmon but also for the secondary focal species - chinook, coho, and steelhead. Seven objectives are listed in bullet format, but they are not well defined or justified. Measurable benefits are lacking. The work elements (taken directly from the subbasin plan) following the objectives are good explanations for the biological rationale for various habitat restoration actions. However, the work element/methods descriptions stop short of providing the details of techniques to be used, locations of engineered logjams and cross vanes to be installed, and only cites the Work Element and objective numbers from the subbasin plan, in bold. The general statement that the Rosgen Natural Stream Design Methods (NRCS 2005) will be followed and used to locate engineered structures is not adequate. A description of how this standard design protocol will be specifically applied is needed.

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State/province recommendation: Washington

Review group: Washington list

Recommended budgets: FY07: (n/a) | FY08: (n/a) | FY09: (n/a)

Comment: See Washington guidance