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200302200 - Okanogan Basin Monitoring and Evaluation Project (OBMEP)

Sponsor: Colville Confederated Tribes

Budgets: FY07: $870,710 | FY08: $897,898 | FY09: $924,641

Short description: Monitor and evaluate important biological, water quality, and physical habitat indicators for anadromous fish throughout the Okanogan River subbasin to establish a long-term status and trend data set and determine responses from habitat restoration effort.

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Final Council recommendation (Nov 2006)

Funding category: Expense

Recommended budgets: FY07: $391,333 | FY08: $391,333 | FY09: $391,333

Comment: Project to be implemented with reduced scope. As funds become available, restore $300,000 to be sure smolt counts with screw traps continue and determination of escapement and redd counts are maintained.

ISRP final recommendation: Fundable


This continues to be a fine example of a monitoring project, which the ISRP supports wholeheartedly. There is a good description of the ongoing program, experimental design protocols, etc. The project was begun in 2004 with EMAP site selection, development of protocols, etc. There is a nice report of what was done, faulted only by not giving a summary of results. The proposal clearly places the work in the regional monitoring framework. This program is an important part of implementing the subbasin plan. There are excellent details on other related projects in the area. This project is providing M&E for a number of related BPA projects. The M&E objectives are clearly explained and methods are clearly outlined and stated, with references to the standard protocols. One technical caution: The proposal claims, "The health of a stream can be determined from the species of macroinvertebrates present." It goes on to say that "Benthic macroinvertebrate samples will be collected annually from each of the EMAP sites." Consideration needs to be given to the time of year when those samples might be taken. Life cycles of many aquatic invertebrates remove them from the stream environment seasonally, and/or render them difficult to sample at other times. There is no discussion of this point and its effects on the sampling protocol. Only a brief narrative is given on facilities. Personnel are excellent. There are specific information transfer work elements (coordination, outreach). The proposal emphasizes this aspect as a major part of its effort. This project is a critical link to evaluate the management efforts in the Okanogan basin. Benefits are expected to accrue in time as information gathered accumulates and is interpreted and acted upon. The thorough monitoring system will undoubtedly benefit the focal species in the long run, depending on actions taken to correct any problems.

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Recommended budgets: FY07: (n/a) | FY08: (n/a) | FY09: (n/a)