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200713400 - Restore and Protect Crooked River Watershed

Sponsor: Nez Perce Tribe

Budgets: FY07: $525,397 | FY08: $453,405 | FY09: $300,813

Short description: Protect and restore the Crooked River Watershed for the benefit of both anadromous and resident fish using an overall watershed health approach. This project is a cooperative effort between the Nez Perce Tribe and Nez Perce National Forest.

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Final Council recommendation (Nov 2006)

Funding category: Expense

Recommended budgets: FY07: $0 | FY08: $0 | FY09: $0


ISRP final recommendation: Not fundable


The ISRP carefully reviewed the series of Restore and Protect proposals in the Clearwater Subbasin for justification based on a “needs” prioritization; assessment of expected impact to habitat at a coarse level and to focal species at a fine level, and an appropriate level of M&E. The sponsors appear to have misinterpreted the ISRP's original review comment pertaining to justification for this project’s elements (including barrier removal). The ISRP sought justification of each specific project based on the quality and quantity of habitat above a barrier and the potential increase in fish use and benefit. Here, the ISRP recommends as a precursor (perhaps as a future stand alone project) a quantitative evaluation of habitat quality and quantity above each barrier, and that these estimates should play a major role in prioritizing barrier replacement/removal projects. An additional rationale for requesting a project prioritization was to guide Council as to which project(s) of the group similarly submitted might yield greatest and lasting biological response to focal species per investment. Ultimately, the sponsors provided a ranking regarding this and similar projects. While the process was not transparent, nonetheless, this particular project was listed toward the bottom half of ~20 or so similar projects. For full comments on "restore and protect" type projects, please see heading “General comments concerning Nez Perce Tribe proposals to protect and restore various watersheds” at the beginning of the ISRP comments on project # 199607702, Protect & Restore Lolo Creek Watershed.

Response loop edit

See the sponsor's revised proposal from the response loop. You'll be taken to CBFWA's proposal system in Section 10 where most sponsors uploaded revised narratives or other responses to the ISRP comments.

State/province recommendation: Fundable when money available

Review group: Snake

Recommended budgets: FY07: $0 | FY08: $0 | FY09: $0

Comment: NPT Tier 2 - 1