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199705100 - Yakima Basin Side Channels

Sponsor: Yakama Nation -YKFP

Budgets: FY07: $1,050,000 | FY08: $1,050,000 | FY09: $1,050,000

Short description: The Yakima Side Channels project strives to protect the most productive alluvial floodplains through acquisition. The upper watershed is experiencing unprecedented residential growth which threatens to seriously degrade watershed productivity.

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Final Council recommendation (Nov 2006)

Funding category: Expense

Recommended budgets: FY07: $46,666 | FY08: $46,666 | FY09: $46,666

Comment: Funding for work element #6. Acquisitions should go through within-year request process.

ISRP final recommendation: Fundable


This project focuses on how the Yakima Side Channels project will complete protection of approximately 1,024 acres of high quality salmonid habitat using conservation easements and acquisition as the conservation tools. The sponsors have a history of success in this important effort. The project history is well described. Principles that have guided project direction are clearly listed. The potential benefits to fish are clearly identified. Monitoring programs are in place by other agencies. It is not clear from this proposal where the data and metadata are stored. The responsibility for conveying results pertaining to fish seems to reside with others, but this is not well explained. The protocol for land acquisition is described and seems reasonable, but no effort to tie the acquisition directly to fish/wildlife populations is provided. Evidence that upstream effects have been considered in prioritizing purchases should be more clearly provided in the future. The proposal would be strengthened if measurable objectives were presented in more detail rather than in general statements about recovery from impacts and land acquisition metrics. Proposed information transfer is limited to communication with resource agencies, land trusts and other interested parties. It would be beneficial if successes and lessons learned concerning effective acquisition strategies could be shared with others in the region involved with protection of salmonid habitat.

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Recommended budgets: FY07: (n/a) | FY08: (n/a) | FY09: (n/a)