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199501300 - Resident Fish Substitution Program

Sponsor: Nez Perce Tribe

Budgets: FY07: $252,725 | FY08: $260,406 | FY09: $268,369

Short description: Increase fish harvest opportunities to partially mitigate for anadromous fisheries losses resulting from migration blockage posed by Dworshak Dam on the North Fork Clearwater River

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Final Council recommendation (Nov 2006)

Funding category: Expense

Recommended budgets: FY07: $200,000 | FY08: $200,000 | FY09: $200,000

Comment: Fundable in part, no expansion, maintain existing ponds as per past Council decisions and current ISRP review comments.

ISRP final recommendation: Fundable in part


This project’s purpose is to provide pond fishing for stocked trout under the resident fish substitution program (mitigation for lost anadromous fisheries). The sponsors propose continuation of the project, augmented by construction of two new ponds (and apparently increasing the number of trout stocked) in an effort to double the angling harvest to about 4,750 kg/year. The program already has three ponds, two of which, according to prior proposals, have had poor results due largely to faulty pond siting and design by a predecessor agency. The proposal did not provide convincing evidence that the new ponds would produce better results. The ISRP commented that project has a long history from which fishery results should have been presented, and that there are physical and chemical problems in the ponds that should have been covered in narrative and described with statistics. Although the project has apparently continued to collect data on angling pressure, fish harvest (creel census), and pond conditions (some of the information from that monitoring effort was included in past proposals), no quantitative results were presented in this proposal. The ISRP also questioned project cost per pound of fish harvested. The response was helpful in providing added information. It indicated improvement of the project since past reviews, including attempts to re-structure the ponds in accordance with past ISRP recommendations. It described pond conditions in more detail and gave information on fishery results and benefits to the community. The ISRP encourages submission of similarly thorough information in future proposals for continuation of the project. The sponsors need to revamp the project’s management plan by engaging a team of qualified fishery and hydrologic scientists. The team members should possess expertise in trout pond design and management in the region. In the future, proposals embodying a proper plan for creating and managing pond fisheries are needed. The project is fundable in part to continue work described in the response. The non-fundable element is the construction of new ponds, which was shown in the original proposal but has been withdrawn by the sponsors.

Response loop edit

See the sponsor's revised proposal from the response loop. You'll be taken to CBFWA's proposal system in Section 10 where most sponsors uploaded revised narratives or other responses to the ISRP comments.

State/province recommendation: Fundable, but at a reduced level

Review group: Snake

Recommended budgets: FY07: $200,000 | FY08: $200,000 | FY09: $200,000

Comment: High priority for existing; low priority for new ponds