200753000 - MADS Weir Demonstration Project in Walla Walla Subbasin (MADS - Modular Arch Drop Structure)

Sponsor: Steward and Associates (in conjunction with the Walla Walla County Soil and Water Conservation District)

Short description: This project will demonstrate the effectiveness of a low cost method for addressing fish passage problems caused by perched culverts, incised channels, and water diversion structures, including push up dams.

Location: Mainstem/Systemwide province, Walla Walla subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $103,050 | FY09: $15,700

Primary species:
Anadromous: Anadromous Fish
Anadromous: All Anadromous Fish
Anadromous: All Anadromous Salmonids
Anadromous: Other Anadromous
Resident: Resident Fish
Resident: All Resident Fish


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
1. Facilitate fish passage Facilitate the volitional passage of salmonids and other aquatic species through a currently impassable culvert, steep channel section, or water diversion structure in the Walla Walla subbasin.
2. Site selection and landowner agreement In conjunction with the Walla Walla County SWCD, we will work with a voluntary landowner to configure and install a MADS structure in a location where conventional fish passage solutions are not tenable, and where the restoration of fish passage will provide access to currently unoccupied, high quality spawning and rearing habitat.
3. Design and build MADS structure Demonstrate the cost-effectiveness and structural soundness of MADS as a means of correcting passage deficiencies and controlling stream channel grade in degraded sections of streams.
4. Monitor/evaluate performance and applicability Measure performance over time under a range of flow conditions and invite agency personnel and potential users to view the finished MADS structure to evaluate its effectiveness and applicability in other settings.
5. Disseminate MADS documentation and guidance Develop and distribute a MADS brochure, design guide and specifications for use at other sites, so that fish passage can be restored in situations previously judged infeasible or too expensive.



  • ISRP: Unranked
  • Council: Not fundable
  • BPA: Not fundable