200753300 - Monitoring fine sediment delivery to fish habitat in the Entiat River subbasin

Sponsor: PNW Research Station -- Wenatchee

Short description: Test and demonstrate an improved method of monitoring fine sediment delivery to the habitat of sensitive salmonids.

Location: Columbia Cascade province, Entiat subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $220,550 | FY09: $74,450

Primary species:
Anadromous: Chinook: Upper Columbia River Spring ESU (endangered)
Anadromous: Steelhead: Upper Columbia River ESU (endangered)


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
Decrease sediment loads to 12% fines. Test and demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of coordinated measurements of suspended sediment concentration (SSC) and turbidity as an superior tool for status and trend monitoring of fine sediment delivery from headwater streams to the Entiat River. Entiat Continue monitoring sediment yield on an annual basis. Monitoring of fine sediment yield on an annual basis should continue. Maintaining or reducing sediment loads will increase survival of spring Chinook, summer/fall Chinook, steelhead, and bull trout



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  • Council: Not fundable
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