200754300 - Simmons Dike Removal feasability study

Sponsor: Umatilla Basin Watershed Council

Short description: Funding sought for feasibility study to remove a 1000'levee on the Umatilla River. Designs will be drafted to reshape and restore stream/floodplain connectivity, and restore wetland function.

Location: province, Umatilla subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $39,800 | FY09: $3,200

Primary species:
Anadromous: Anadromous Fish
Anadromous: Chinook: Mid-Columbia River Spring ESU
Anadromous: Chinook: Upper Columbia River Summer/Fall ESU
Anadromous: Steelhead: Middle Columbia River ESU (threatened)
Resident: Resident Fish
Resident: Bull Trout
Resident: Interior Redband Trout


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
stream equilibrium and habitate restoration The proposed goal for this project is to develope a design plan that provides conditions for sustaining a stable and resilient floodplain and channel. The proposed feasability study will scope alternatives in designing a plan that allows the stream channel to maintain its morphologic shape and the floodplain to recover in a relatively short time period. Objectives include a design that will (1) provide active floodplain flow access and connectivity, (2) improve channel morphology and in-stream habitat by increasing channel sinuosity and reducing width to depth ratios, (3) improve water quality through enhancement of floodplain and wetland conditions, and (4) improve salmonid habitat by increasing pool habitat and hiding cover. Umatilla Umatilla River Basin TMDL & WQMP 3.4.3 Natural and Constructed Wetland Management Geomorphic Assessment



  • ISRP: Unranked
  • Council: Not fundable
  • BPA: Not fundable