200754200 - Shad for Nutrient Enhancement -- Demonstration of Fishery Supply, Disease Evaluation, Product Type and Potential Use

Sponsor: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Short description: A pilot project to evaluate the efficacy of using the abundant Columbia River Shad run as a resource for stream nutrient enhancement throughout the Basin. Potential would be evaluated by four criteria: availability, disease risk, fish product, and demand.

Location: Mainstem/Systemwide province, Columbia Lower subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $96,526 | FY09: $66,874

Primary species:
Anadromous: Shad: American Shad


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
1. Fishery Supply Document the availability of American shad in Lower Columbia River fisheries -- in terms of time of year,location, gear type and quantity of fish. Lower Columbia Provide conditions that best fit those natural behavior patterns and river processes that most closely approximate the physical and biological conditions needed by the relevant species.
2. Disease Evaluation Develop a sampling design, collect representatives samples of American shad adults, and conduct pathology tests on samples -- to determine suitability of carcasses for nutrient enhancement. Lower Columbia
3. Product Type Develop criteria and test the feasibility of using various American shad product types, e.g., fresh, frozen, chipped, and pasturized analogs -- as a source of marine-derived nutrients in Columbia Basin streams. Lower Columbia
4. Potential Use Survey representatives of state, Tribal, federal and private entities regarding the current and potential use of American shad products for nutrient enhancement -- in terms of area, current productivity, desired productivity, amount of product, and potential risks. Lower Columbia Potential use of American shad for nutrient enhancement would be evaluated on a system-wide basis.



  • ISRP: Innovative, On-The-Ground, Adequately Justified
  • Council: Not fundable
  • BPA: Not fundable