200753500 - Physical and Biological Field Testing of a Flow Velocity Enhancement System (FVES)

Sponsor: Natural Solutions

Short description: Natural Solution’s patented FVES provides migration cues using mechanically generated turbulent-flow fields. Field testing will evaluate effectiveness of induced flow for enhancing & guiding smolt migration, important for developing efficient bypasses.

Location: Mainstem/Systemwide province, Cowlitz subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $318,310 | FY09:

Primary species:
Anadromous: Chinook: Lower Columbia River ESU (threatened)


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
Enhance fish guidance Document the capability of a Flow Velocity Enhancement System to direct fish to specific locations through the use of mechanically induced flow and turbulence in reservoir environments Lower Columbia



  • ISRP: Innovative, On-The-Ground, Adequately Justified
  • Council: Fundable
  • BPA: Fundable