200751300 - Eelgrass enhancement and restoration in the Columbia River Estuary through innovative site selection and planting techniques

Sponsor: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Short description: Strong flows in the Columbia River likely limit the success of eelgrass seed dispersal and new plant establishment. We propose using innovative site selection techniques to identify 5-10 areas suitable for eelgrass enhancement, plant, and monitor success.

Location: Lower Columbia province, Columbia Estuary subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $180,394 | FY09: $72,400

Primary species:
Anadromous: All Anadromous Salmonids


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
1. Enhance eelgrass habitat in selected sites Increase survival of juvenile salmonids and provide refuge for other aquatic species through eelgrass restoration at 5 or more pilot sites Lower Columbia Mainstem Amendment Strategies: Enhancement of wetlands; Planting riparian and aquatic plants at appropriate locations Subbasin Planning Strategies: EH.S3 Protect functioning habitats while also restoring habitats to properly functioning conditions
1a. Identify areas fit for eelgrass enhancement Identify sites suitable for eelgrass enhancement or restoration through GIS analysis, remote sensing, and numerical modeling coupled with field research results. Lower Columbia See objective 1 (This is a sub-objective)
1b. Enhance eelgrass habitat in selected areas Complete initial site pre-assessment and plant eelgrass in 5 selected sites Lower Columbia See objective 1 (This is a sub-objective)
1c. RM &E: Evaluate eelgrass enhancement success Monitor and evaluate success of eelgrass restoration pilot project. Lower Columbia See objective 1 (This is a sub-objective)



  • ISRP: Innovative, On-The-Ground, Highly Justified
  • Council: Fundable
  • BPA: Fundable