200750900 - Develop structure for implementing and maintaining a Master Sample of rivers and streams in the Columbia Basin, and develop statistical tools for analyzing Master Sample applications.

Sponsor: Oregon State University

Short description: The project will create and administer a Master Sample from which sub-samples can be drawn to meet specific needs of particular monitoring programs, create compatible web-accessible analysis statistical tools, and advise on Master Sample applications.

Location: province, subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $188,777 | FY09: $198,029

Primary species:


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
1. Implement and Maintain Master Sample This proposal would create a Master Sample for the entire Columbia Basin. It would also provide the specialized statistical expertise essential for the implementation and coordination of specific sampling plans across multiple agencies. This would coordinate all monitoring programs within the Basin.
2. Develop statistical tools This project would create free software that would allow non-statisticians access to cutting-edge environmental statistics tools.
3. Advise on statistical design and analysis This project would provide training and support in the use of modern environmental statistics tools.



  • ISRP: Unranked
  • Council: Not fundable
  • BPA: Not fundable