200751500 - Elemental analysis of fin spines: A potential tool for assessing movement of white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) within the Lower and Mid-Columbia River basin

Sponsor: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Short description: This project will investigate the utility of fin rays as biochemical markers in white sturgeon, and the potential use of fin ray microchemistry to describe movement of white sturgeon within the lower and mid-Columbia River basin

Location: Columbia Gorge province, Columbia Gorge subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $42,122 | FY09:

Primary species:
Resident: White Sturgeon: Upper Columbia River Population


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
1. Profile Columbia River water chemistry Generate a strontium isotope ratio profile of the lower and mid-columbia river basin; and determine if there are chemically unique reaches of the Columbia River between McNary Dam and the ocean
2. Relate water chemistry to fin ray chemistry Quantify the chemical compostioin at the outer margin of fin rays of sturgeon between McNary Dam and the ocean; Determine if fin rays incorporate trace elements into their chemical matrix in proportion to the concentration of trace elements in the environment; determine if it is possible to classify fish to chemically unique reaches of the Columbia River based on fin ray chemistry
3. Assess possibility to discern sturgeon movement Use the observed variability in fin ray microchemistry to assess the possibility of detecting movement of sturgeon within the basin. Variability in the strontium isotopic ratio at any point along the growth transect of a fin ray, that is outside the range of observed variability in a chemically distinct water region, would suggest movement of that individual among the chemically distinct water regions of the basin. If movement can be detected then potential exists to use fin ray microchemistry to assess large-scale movement patterns and the degree of isolation among subpopulations of sturgeon inhabiting mainstem Columbia River reservoirs. Columbia Gorge “Investigate the need and potential measures for restoring sturgeon passage upstream and downstream at mainstem dam facilities."
4. Effectively manage project Manage project to assure that all project tasks and activities are completed. Assure that project is completed in the appropriate time frame, and within the budget. Project management will consist of managing the contract, submitting progress reports, budget tracking, and invoicing. The work products for this task will consist of contracts, monthly invoices, and quarterly fiscal and programmatic reports that will be submitted to the funding agency.



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