200755800 - Willamette Mitigation

Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy

Short description:

Location: Lower Columbia province, Willamette subbasin

Budgets: FY08: $187,558 | FY09: $90,086

Primary species:
Wildlife: All Wildlife


ObjectiveDescriptionSubbasin planStrategies
Increase fish and wildlife population trajectories The purpose of this project is to evaluate conservation returns from alternative wildlife mitigation investment strategies. This “Return on Investment” evaluation will be used to make recommendations to the Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest Power and Conservation Council regarding the most cost-effective strategy for mitigating wildlife losses in the Willamette Subbasin and how to best leveraging those investments to meet the Willamette Subbasin Plan’s overall biological objective of increasing fish and wildlife population trajectories. Willamette The Willamette Subbasin Plan recommended protecting and restoring habitat in Priority Conservation and Conservation and Restoraiton Opportunity Areas, maintaining or improving existing land use and forest practices and controlling invasive species.



  • ISRP: Unranked
  • Council: Not fundable
  • BPA: Not fundable