Response for project 200102000: 15 Mile Cr Riparian Fence/Surv

Comment on proposed FY 2006 budget

The Council's recommended budget if $152,673 for this project is adequate to perform the necessary tasks associated with the plan of work. In FY 2006, we anticipate the stream survey portion of the project to be complete. The elimination of this task counters the increased cost associated with the materials and labor necessary to install riparian exclusion fencing, which has suffered substantial increases over the past three years.

Accomplishments since the last review

Miles of riparian protection fence installed: 2001 = 10.42; 2002 = 10.53; 2003 = 9.65; 2004 = 8.9; 2005 = ~8 Number of off-channel livestock water facilities: 2001 = 1 2002 = 2 2003 = 3 2004 = 4 2005 = ~2 Miles of stream surveyed 2001 = 44.6 2002 = 49.4 2003 = 41.2

FY 2006 goals and anticipated accomplishments

Install 8-10 miles of riparian exclusion fencing Install approximatly 3 off-channel livestock water systems

Subbasin planning

How is this project consistent with subbasin plans?

This project addresses the objectives of the sub-basin plan most specifically associated with riparian recovery. These actions are consistent with the plans prioritized framework by addressing the first two conditions needed to achieve the desired biological performance under the objectives for aquatic species (Section 5.2, pg. 11): "1. Development of a fully functional floodplains and riparian vegetation throughout the watershed. 2. Restoration of large woody debris to recreate presettlement habitat characteristics in approximately 40 miles of stream. 3. Restoration of summer flows throughout the watershed by about 50% of the presettlement condition. At the mouth, this would correspond to at least 7 cfs in August, with corresponding improvements in other months. Flow restoration would provide corresponding improvements in stream temperature." By installing and maintaining riparian exclusion fencing, off-channel water systems, and maintenance of suitable riparian vegetation, this project is directly addressing number Objective 1 from above. This project further supports objective 2 by providing future woody debris for natural recruitment into the floodplain, and by providing the necessary anchor structures to minimize movement of any new habitat work. The project is a natural step to achieving the desired condition described in objective 3, by increasing the floodplains ability to safely capture, store, and regulate runoff and moderate stream temperatures.

How do goals match subbasin plan priorities?

This project specifically addresses the highest priorities in the subbasin plan in accordance with section 5.3, "Prioritized Strategies-- Aquatic Species" (pg. 14), by targeting riparian/ floodplain restoration throughout the Fifteenmile Creek watershed for the purpose of restoring habitat for listed stocks of Mid-Columbia winter steelhead. This has been the primary focus since the inception of this project.

Other comments