Response for project 199608600: Clearwater Focus Program-Idscc

Comment on proposed FY 2006 budget

The Idaho Soil Conservation Commission sponsor of project no. 1996-086-00 desires continued funding in FY2006 and confirms that the identified budget for FY2006 is adequate for the anticipated tasks for that contract period.

Accomplishments since the last review

FY02-04 rpt, FY05 begins 7/1/05. PRODUCE INVENTORY/ASSESSMENT: With Clearwater Policy Advisory Comm., Technical Subcomm.,& consultant, completed assessment & inventory, submitted to NPCC Nov 2002 for ISRP review. Evaluated ISRP review, prepared responses, resubmitted. PRODUCE PLAN: Completed Clearwater Plan, to NPCC Nov 2002, See above. Resubmitted plan to NPCC Nov 2003 for second ISRP review. Evaluated 2nd ISRP review. Developed adoption supplement, submitted to Pdx May 2004. Final supplement submitted to NPCC Dec 2004, adopted Feb 2005. Assisted Nez Perce SWCD develop Management Policy. COORDINATION: Prepare documents, design agenda, meeting organization, & recordkeeping. 19 PAC, 15 Tech, 5 NOAA; and 5 policy meetings. Twice briefed ID Congressional staff on subbasin planning. 4 coordination meetings with sponsors to prepare for FY06 solicitation. Distributed info on regional project selection process and budget development. Compiled pieces from subbasin plan for sponsors to use with proposals. Coordinated NEPA/ESA training with BPA for subbasin sponsors. OUTREACH AND EDUCATION: 11 public meetings for review and comment on the subbasin plan; 5 news releases; briefed Soil Conservation Commission (SCC). 6 conservation districts and SCC meetings. PROVIDE TECHNICAL REVIEW: Evaluated cost-sharing opportunities for project work, distributed info. Coordinated & participated in the Snake River Basin Adjudication process for minimum instream flows; Coordinated and participated with the Idaho DEQ to examine water temperature criteria for salmonid spawning & rearing using fish and temperature data in Lochsa River. Provided technical assistance with survey and monitoring for Potlatch River project; Prepared 10 applications, 6 awarded (not BPA) MANAGE AND ADMIN PROJECTS: Assisted SWCDs with SOWs, contracts & MOUs, Focus same + financial rpts. ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE:Assist SWCDs with permits, checklists, surveys, assessments. RPTs: Focus quarterlies & annual.

FY 2006 goals and anticipated accomplishments

INVENTORY/ASSESSMENT: Update subbasin inventory and analysis. Assist SWCDs & others with habitat, etc surveys as requested. PLAN: Assist SWCDs & others develop implementation plans. COORDINATION: Coordinate and provide administrative structure for Clearwater Policy Advisory Committee and, linkage with the NOAA recovery planning process and USDA Forest Planning. Coordinate and participate with provincial roll-up process. Coordinate BiOp obligations, TMDL plans, etc. with other agencies, landowners, and local governments. OUTREACH AND EDUCATION: Provide outreach and education programs for regional and subbasin programs to the general public, local governments, and subbasin agencies, and organizations. Provide Focus Program updates quarterly to the SCC. PROVIDE TECHNICAL REVIEW: Evaluate cost-sharing opportunities for project work, distribute info and prepare and/or assist with proposals for project funding. MANAGE AND ADMINISTER PROJECTS: Assisted SWCDs & others complete FY07 project solicitation process, responses to ISRP, & SOWs. Assist SWCDs design watershed programs. Coordinate project development with SRBA and PCSRF program funding. Complete solicitation process, contracting, and financial reporting for the Focus Program ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE: Assist SWCDs & others with permits, checklists, surveys, assessments, and public involvement activities as requested. PRODUCE STATUS AND ANNUAL REPORTS: 3 quarterly and one annual report for the Focus Program contract.

Subbasin planning

How is this project consistent with subbasin plans?

The Clearwater Focus Program co-cooordinators and Clearwater Policy Advisory Committee roles were defined in the Subbasin Inventory 2003. Roles were amended to the Subbasin Management Plan via the Clearwater Supplement 2004, p. 12, which was adopted Dec 2005. In addition to coordination and technical assistance provided, several other sections of the Clearwater Subbasin Management Plan will be implemented by this contract. They are: Problem 18, Objective LL, Strategies 1-3, p.52: Coordinate programs and projects across subbasin; Problem 19, Objective MM, Strategies 1-3, p.52: I.D. high priority habitat areas for protection & restoration with multiple agencies across all landownerships; Problem 21, Objectives PP, QQ, & RR pgs 58-60 connect to local groups, maximize social and economic benefits, and increase information and education within the subbasin and region.

How do goals match subbasin plan priorities?

The Clearwater Management Plan identifies restoration issues as relative priorities within each of the 23 Potential Management Units. 27 prioritizing exercises are also identified in the plan's objectives. The Focus Program has been defined in the plan to provide the structure to develop more finite priorities, coordinate project development, and with the Clearwater Policy Advisory Committee provide the venue through which interaction and coordination of provincial, state, and regional issues may be addressed. The Clearwater Policy Advisory Committee was convened to also provide a subbasin entity composed of resource managers and local governments to provide recommendations for project funding through the Council's program.

Other comments