Response for project 199401700: Idaho Model Watershed Habitat

Comment on proposed FY 2006 budget

Projects have been identified and prioritized by the Upper Salmon Basin Watershed Project Technical Team for FY06 Projects (see Technical Team participation Page 13 Sub-Basin Plan). These projects will meet the priorities set forth in the Sub-Basin Plan. Projects identified can be implemented within the established budget of $1,135,632 and will be used within the Custer and Lemhi Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The budget also includes administrative costs for both districts to Manage and Administer Projects(WE#119),Coordination(WE#118), Project Reporting (WE#132)and Environmental Compliance(WE#165)within the Districts. The indentified projects include 9 Diversion/Passage Improvement Projects and 7 Riparian Fencing projects (approximately 42,636 feet of fence). Approvals have been secure from the Custer and Lemhi SWCD's for implementation. Projects will be reviewed for approval by the Upper Salmon Basin Watershed Project Advisory Committee in their June meeting.

Accomplishments since the last review

Custer Soil and Water Conservation Projects 2001 to present. Install Fence (WE#40) Pahsimeroi 2 projects and approximately 16,700 feet of fence. East Fork- 3 projects and approximately 35,000 feet of fence. Upper Salmon - 7 projects and approximately 52,000 feet of fence. One fence project in progress approx. 10,000 feet of fence. Plant Vegetation (WE#22) one proejct. Replace/Maintain Diversions:(WE#19) One project complete, four in progres. Develop Alternative Water Sources (WE# 34) Two projects complete, one in progress. Remove/Modify Dams (WE# 84)Four diversion removals. Install Siphon (WE#80)One project complete. Manage and Administer Proejcts (WE#119) Annual Reports (WE#132)Coordination (WE#118) and Environmental Compliance are also completed within the accomplishments of this contract.(Above information provided by Custer SWCD)

FY 2006 goals and anticipated accomplishments

Custer SWCD and Lemhi SWCD's anticipate completing 7 riparian fencing projects (Install Fence WE# 40) approximately 42,626 feet of fence and Replace/Maintain Diversions (WE#19) 9 projects have been identified. Projects identified in the FY06 Budget are consistant with the orginal goals and objectives of the Model Watershed Habitat Project and the Sub-Basin Plan.

Subbasin planning

How is this project consistent with subbasin plans?

Custer SWCD Projects relate to the Sub-basin Plan. Assessment Page 3-12 Upper Salmon: Concerns include sediment load, water temperatures and barriers. All three concerns are addressed by actions proposed in the FY2006 proposed projects. Page 3-14 East Fork Salmon River: Concerns include altered riparian habitat, increased sedimentation, increased limiting factor expressions temperatures and migration barriers. All four concerns are addressed by actions proposed in the FY2006 proposed projects. Page 3-18: Pahsimeroi: Primary Impacts to aquatic habitat quality are altered riparian areas, increased fines, altered hydrology (primarily through dewatering). Approximately 61% of the drainage within the watershed have less than satisfactory riparian vegetation. These concerns are addressed by actions proposed in the FY2006 proposed projects.(Above information provided by Custer SWCD)

How do goals match subbasin plan priorities?

Custer SWCD Projects for FY06: Three divesions improvemnt projects are proposed for the East Fork and will help address concerns of increased limiting factors of temperatures and migration barriers. One Fish Ladder Repair in the Upper Salmon Basin will help address concerns for water temperatures and barriers in the Upper Salmon. An instream Diversion Elimination in Pashimeroi will address altered hydrology (primarily through dewatering)by providing water instream for an increased area of the river. Three fencing projects in the Pahsimeroi will improve riparian vegetation which the plan sites as having 61% of the riparian area in Pahsimeroi as unsatisfactory. Two fencing projects in the Upper Salmon will help to increase vegetative cover and improve water temperatures which is the major limiting factor in that reach.The Sub-basin Plan identifies the #2 Limiting Factor in the basin as Grazing/Browsing by livestock and #3 altered hydrologic resigmes (impoundments, water managements, channel modifications and diversions)(Page 16). The above stated projects adressess thes limiting factors. In addition, the Guding Principles identified in the Sub-Basin Plan includes: Providing an opportunity for local natural resource based economies to coexist and participate in recovery of aquatic and terrestrial speices. (Page 15)Soil and Water Conservation Districts were formed upon this same priciple in dealing with all natural resourcs.(Above information provided by Custer SWCD)

Other comments

This contract is managed by the Custer and Lemhi Soil and Water Conservation Districts. This information has been compiled as a joint effort between the two districts. Both Districts have individual contracts for watersheds within their districts.