Response for project 199104600: Spokane Tribal (Galbr Sprgs) H

Comment on proposed FY 2006 budget

Yes, this project does confirm its desire for renewal in FY’06. The proposed budget is not sufficient for basic O&M costs as well as funding the need of an additional on site residence and replacing outdated equipment. This figure reflects the FY’03 “out year estimate” provided to BPA as general administrative information in Part 1 of the 2001 Provincial Review. Since 2003, funding for this project has been confined to this amount without consideration of the “out year estimates” of $552,000 for FY’04 & $568,000 for FY ’05 also provided in the 2001 Provincial Review. These amounts were developed with respect to extensive project review criteria as well as an account of estimates for fish management dictations (100% fish marking), increases in utility demand with the addition of a new well in 2003 and inflation 2003 thereon. Both the Council and BPA have been notified through correspondences and workshops that this is an insufficient amount. At a July 2003 inter-mountain provincial workshop, the project sponsor requested increased amounts of $620,127 for FY’04 and $658,172 for FY’05 to cover basic O&M costs associated with higher utility rates, higher utility demand due the addition of the new well and replacement of a 15 year old fish transport truck. Of urgency is the need of an additional onsite residence to supplement the sole residence onsite for security and hatchery plant alarm coverage. Therefore, this project is requesting an additional $300,000 to purchase a new fish transport truck, 100% mark/fin clip rainbow trout and Kokanee salmon and construct an additional on-site residence.

Accomplishments since the last review

2003 - released 261,321 kokanee yearlings, 300,400 kokanee fry, 595,721 rainbow trout yearlings: inter-progam transferred for subsequent release 229,269 kokanee yearlings and 564,947 rainbow trout fingerlings. Incubated 1,684,738 kokanee and 843,477 rainbow trout eggs; 1,625,760 kokanee and 806,436 rainbow trout fry produced. Marked 100% kokanee before release; 0% rainbow. Constructed new well and water conveyance system. 2004 - released 366,915 kokanee yearlings and 1,147,350 kokanee fingerlings; inter-program transferred for subsequent release 14,400 kokanee fingerlings, 217,845 kokanee yearlings and 537,783 rainbow trout fingerlings. Incubated 1,993,760 kokanee and 639,144 rainbow trout eggs; 1,888,896 kokanee and 522,526 rainbow trout fry produced. 100% kokanee marked before release, 0% rainbow trout marked before release. Installed predator netting, shade barries, baffles and painted buildings. 2005 - incubated 4.3 million kokanee and 640,272 rainbow trout eggs; 3,962,799 kokanee fry and 552,075 rainbow trout fry produced. Releases and production ongoing.

FY 2006 goals and anticipated accomplishments

Obtain and incubate up to 4.5 million kokanee eggs and 645,000 rainbow trout eggs. Produce 3 million kokanee fry and 500,000 kokanee yearlings 100% marked for release, 500,000 rainbow trout fingerlings for subsequent release in 2007 100% marked (contingent upon funding), aquire new fish transport truck (contingent upon funding) and construct additional on-site residence (contingent upon funding).

Subbasin planning

How is this project consistent with subbasin plans?

This project is consistent with and implements Aquatic Strategies I, II (a, b & c)(Management Plan Pages 12-15 in the Upper Columbia and 12-16 Spokane Subbasins).

How do goals match subbasin plan priorities?

The project does accomplish priority work objectives under the plan associated with mititgation of loss anadromous and resident fisheries.

Other comments

This project was initiated June 7, 1990 through unique long-term lease and O&M Agreements between the BPA and Spokane Tribe for the purpose of “continuous, cost effective and prudent operations and maintenance” of the project.