1990 Protected Areas Summary and Response to Comments

At its July meeting, the Council adopted changes to the protected areas designations that are part of the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. Subsequently, at the August meeting, the Council completed its amendment process by adopting its response to those who had commented on the protected areas rulemaking.

This is a list of the project-related changes considered by the Council, along with the Council's decision on each proposed change. The exceptions are certain Idaho projects for which decisions were deferred. These are noted.

Also included is the transition language adopted by the Council that addresses projects begun prior to a protected areas amendment process. The Council exempts such projects in the event that the area is later designated protected. The language clarifies the stage the projects must be in to receive exemption.

This does not list those changes that did not affect pending hydroelectric projects. That information is available on request from the Council's public involvement division.


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