Fish and Wildlife Program resource maps / data

These maps show some of the investments of the Council's 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program. They help describe two of the emerging priorities:

  1. long-term maintenance (i.e. O&M strategic plan to ensure the longevity and integrity of the Program's past investments), and
  2. refining the Program’s goals and objectives.

The maps currently online that are related to the:

The O&M maps for Lands will be available later in 2017. The Objectives maps are to be completed following the refining objectives schedule outlined in the Program. 

At this time, maps are not compatible on mobile devices.

Maps not displaying? Be sure your firewall allows access to,,, and browser set to 100% view size (Ctrl-0 in most browsers).

AP Programs O&M Includes hatcheries, acclimation sites, and associated projects
Fish Screens O&M
Objectives Also see the query tool
Lands (Coming 2018)

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