V. Tracking the status of the basin's fish and wildlife resources

The Northwest Power Act directs the Council to address the impacts of hydropower dams in the Columbia River Basin on fish and wildlife, but the Council recognizes impacts occur from other causes, too. Accordingly, the Council tracks the status and trends of focal species to provide context to understand the effects of projects funded through the Council’s fish and wildlife program.

This status and trends information is annually updated and displayed on the subbasin dashboards and reported in the high-level indicators report on the Council’s website. The information comes from subbasin plans, projects funded through the program, and information provided by federal and state fish and wildlife agencies, tribes, and other monitoring entities.

This information is organized by subbasin, focal species and their habitat, and by high-level indicator topics. The information available for reporting on the status and trend of focal species and their habitat continues to improve.

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