2014 Columbia River Basin
Fish and Wildlife Program

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+ Message from the Council

+ Part One: Overview

+ Part Two: Introduction

+ Part Three: Basinwide Vision, Scientific Foundation, Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

+ Part Four: Adaptive Management

+ Part Five: Subbasin Plans

+ Part Six: How the Program is Implemented

+ Part Seven: Appendices

More resources

priorities 7 key priorities in the Program
map Interactive map of subbasin summaries and links to subbasin plans
framework Interactive image of how science informs and responds to the strategies, objectives, and on-the-ground work in the Program
dashboards Regional resources, strategies, objectives, on-the-ground projects by subbasin and species
hli Charts track the progress of fish and wildlife efforts in the Basin
resource maps Explore maps of Artificial Production Programs O&M, Fish Screens O&M and more

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