High-Level Implementation Indicators

to measure success of the Fish and Wildlife Program

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October 2009

Council members approved three high-level indicators that will be used to monitor the progress of the Council's Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program:

  1. abundance of fish and wildlife
  2. hydrosystem survival and passage; and
  3. Council actions.

The indicators will be used to report to Congress and the Northwest's governors.
See motion and table of indicators and presentation.

May 2009

See public comments and ISRP/ISAB comments

March 2009

As part of the process for refining these high level indicators, the Council is requesting public comment on a draft list of indicators to stimulate discussion and begin the process of aligning, as appropriate, with existing high level indicators used by others in the region in reporting the status and trends of the region’s natural resources.

November 2008

Request for comments

July 2008

Working list of high level indicators adopted

June 2008

Presentation and comments

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