Fish and wildlife staff work session on regional habitat indicator project led by PNAMP

August 9, 2016

Polson, Montana

Work-session to provide input on PNAMP’s Regional Habitat Indicator Project (RHIP)


Meeting material: 

Flow Survey:
Macroinvertebrate Survey:
Water Temperature Survey:
Water Quality Survey:


Work session purpose and 2014 FW program relevance: Facilitate exchanges between Fish and Wildlife Managers and the PNAMP regional habitat indicator project (RHIP). The product of the RHIP supports the 2014 FW Program habitat and ecosystem objectives task.


Work-session discussion items: PNAMP staff will provide overview of the RHIP work, including compilation of existing regional aquatic habitat management questions and indicators. During this work session the fish and wildlife managers will be asked:

  • Are there regional aquatic habitat management questions missing
  • Are some questions not applicable to fish in the Columbia River Basin
  • Participate in a survey to rank the compiled list of questions to inform the next step of the PNAMP workgroup effort.


Work Session Logistics

Location: Polson, Montana.

Hotel: Kwa Taq Nuk Resort and Casino, 49708 US Highway 93 E, Polson, MT 59860, 406-883-3636

Date and time: August 9th from 11:30 to 1pm (Mountain Time Zone).

Meeting material: questions and criteria for discussion

Lunch: will be provided for those that RSVP for in-person participation.

Remote participation: and join the conference call: 1-800-356-8278, code 186685

Contact:  Nancy Leonard; 503-222-5161



The 2014 Program includes a task for Ecosystem, habitat and hydro objectives that provides the following guidance:

  • An initial step consisting of identifying measureable objectives in the region. The data needed for these objectives should be available and not require extensive new data-gathering efforts.
  • Supporting regional efforts engaged in working on these types of objectives and indicators.
  • Work with the fish and wildlife agencies and tribes and the ISAB to refine existing goals, objectives, and indicators related to habitat characteristics, including biological diversity.


The Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) regional aquatic habitat indicators project (RHIP):

  • Convenes aquatic habitat experts (IDEQ, ODEQ, OWRD, EPA, USGS, OWEB, NFWF, etc)  
  • Focuses on information that is currently available to communicate status and trends of aquatic habitats and allow comparisons within and among regions.
  • Goal is to identify a small subset that is of greatest common interest across the PNW.
  • Entities engaged in the PNAMP RHIP, either as observers or active participants, include: AREMP/USFS, BPA, City of Bellingham, Columbia River Gorge Commission, Conservation Biology Institute, Creative Resources Strategies, CRITFC, EPA, IDEQ, IDFG, LCEP, NCASI, NFWF, NPCC, NPT, ODA, ODEQ, OSU, OWEB, OWRD, Seattle City Light/PSEMP, Streamkeepers volunteer, StreamNet, UCSRB, University of Washington, Washington State University, Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board, USGS, USGS/PNAMP, WA DNR, WA Ecology, Washington State University, WDFW, and YNF.


The 2014 Program ecosystem/habitat objective task and PNAMP RHIP efforts complement each other in that both are:

  • Interested in aquatic habitat topics (e.g., water quality, quantity)
  • Applying an approach based on compiling existing information
  • Focused on using available data to inform question/indicators/objectives

Engaging diversity of experts in the region

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