Technical Work Session for Objective Mapper Content

May 11, 2016

Hampton Inn & Suites Boise 495 S Capitol Blvd
Boise, Idaho

The meeting will be held in the Payette Room, 1 pm - 4 pm (Mountain Time)

GoToMeeting or Conference Call - 1-800-356-8278, code 186685



This small technical work session aims to clarify and refine the objective information in the Council's Objective Mapping Tool related to abundance for  salmon and steelhead populations that your organization manages.

The work session will focus on:

Task 1: Identify obsolete objectives in the mapping tool (objectives that are superseded). Ensure that current objectives are in the mapping tool. 

Task 2: Verify that the population names in the Mapper are correct. Council staff has identified populations that are found in the Mapper which did not connect cleanly to populations listed in the official NOAA list or StreamNet’s CA list. These population names need to be confirmed as either matching to an official NOAA population, a population in the StreamNet-CA database, or a unique population. Finalizing this crosswalk will facilitate connecting to the Coordinated Assessment abundance display/mapping tool.

Task 3: Verify objective variable names and confirm whether some variable names are synonym of each other. Discuss and/or confirm the purpose and general time-line for each objective, e.g. recovery, harvestable, fully restored population etc.

To ensure a productive work session we suggest you review and edit the information prior to the work session.

Please contact Nancy Leonard if you have not received the work session excel spreadsheet.



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