Process to update mapping tool content

Report Corrections for Fish Objectives Displayed on the Fish Objective Maps

Open Fish Objectives Mapping Tool


Process for Updating Objective Values & Reporting Corrections

Content for the objectives mapping tool is maintained by the Council’s staff and can be view on the Program Resource Maps websiteCouncil staff relies extensively on state fish and wildlife agencies, tribes, NOAA-Fisheries and other partners for keeping the content of this tool accurate.

Council staff will determine whether requested change(s) can be made as-is or whether a technical meeting of entities with authority is necessary to discuss the change(s).

In general, if the requested change(s) is a simple data entry error or is a change requested by the same entity as the document source entity for that content (see below) the change will be made upon request. If the requested change may affect content from a collaborative process or document, then a meeting to discuss the change with all involved entities will be convened.

All requested changes to the content of the mapping tool must be communicated in writing to the Nancy Leonard of the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Division staff.

When requesting a change please provide your full contact information (full name, affiliation, email, phone number) so we can contact you for further clarifications.



The process for requesting changes is:

  • Corrections to errors
    • Indicate the error and where it is located. You can provide a screen shot showing the error.
    • Provide the correct information and supporting source.
  • Updating an entity’s currently displayed values with newly published values by that same entity (e.g., state, tribal, federal)
    • Indicate the location of the value you want changed in the mapping tool (see section Corrections to errors for information needed).
    • Provide the exact location of the new information (e.g., page, table) in the source document. If the information is found in multiple locations please provide a summary table or file that shows the obsolete information and the new information along with the source reference.
  • Updating a displayed value produced by a collaborative process or co-authors from different entities (e.g. subbasin plans).
    • Provide the suggested change(s) to Council staff (see section Corrections to errors for information needed).
    • Provide the new information including supporting source (actual document or hyperlink to the online source).
    • Indicate additional entities and contact person(s) who should be involved in the discussion.
    • Council staff will contact all entities (suggested and others as needed) to arrange a technical meeting to discuss the requested change.

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