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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest


Last week, the Council approved for release the 2027 Resource Adequacy Assessment, representing many months of work to ensure the power plan will provide “an adequate, efficient, economic and reliable power supply.” Read more.

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FEBRUARY 14-15 : Council Meeting (Webinar)

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Meeting update: The Council has in-person meetings with online participation always available. If you are unable to join our meetings, staff and members can be reached by phone and email.

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Introducing the Program Tracker Tool for Evaluating the Performance of the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program

Coming soon, the Program Tracker is a new tool designed to help evaluate the performance of the Council’s Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. Read more.


Council Elects Officers for 2023

Council members elected Idaho’s Jeff Allen to serve as chair and Washington’s KC Golden to serve as vice chair. Read more.


More from the January meeting

  • Eliott Mainzer, CEO of CAISO, shared details and lessons learned from the September 2022 California heatwave.
  • The Chair and Vice Chair of the Independent Science Advisory Board presented the ISAB review of the Upper Columbia Tribes’ Phase 2 implementation plan: Testing the Feasibility of Reintroduced Salmon in the Upper Columbia Basin.
  • Alan Zelenka and Adam Schultz of the Oregon Department of Energy shared a summary of the recently released Biennial Energy Report. See slide 8 for a cool graphic of Oregon’s energy flow.