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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Power Plan Update: Early Trends in the Council’s Modeling Show a Very Different Energy Environment


See our video interview with Power Division Director Ben Kujala who talked about some of the factors influencing the development of the 2021 Power Plan, and why the next regional plan will look very different from past power plans. Read more.

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APRIL 6-7 : Council Meeting via webinar (all meetings are remote access only)

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Coronavirus update: Due to the coronavirus, the Council will continue holding all meetings virtually until further notice. The work of the Council and the RTF will continue remotely, and we encourage people to join our meetings and engage with our staff and members by phone and webinar and email. We will update this as more information becomes available.

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NOAA Fisheries: Warming Ocean Should Focus Attention on Freshwater Actions To Improve Salmon Survival

For now, ocean water is cool, but it is expected to warm later this year, and the long-term outlook for cold-water fish is not good. Read more.


With Few Exceptions, Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Returns Continue Downward Trend

The prediction for 2021 from fisheries managers is for just over 1 million fish, but that total could increase substantially if the estimated 1.6 million coho in the ocean materialize in the Columbia. Read more.


What Does an Equitable Energy System Look Like?

In February, the Council hosted a forum on diversity, equity, and inclusion in its power planning and in its 2021 Power Plan. The forum builds on past work in the Council’s advisory committees to address underserved communities and marked a step forward in ensuring equity in our energy planning. Read more.


Corps of Engineers Report: Steller Sea Lions Are Taking a Big Bite out of Fish Runs at Bonneville Dam

The number of California sea lions is declining, but the number of Stellers remains high. Monitoring now occurs in all seasons except summer. Read more.


Most Hatchery Salmon and Steelhead Are Released Above Bonneville Dam

That’s a big shift from common practice before Congress passed the Northwest Power Act in 1980, from a prior concentration of hatcheries in the lower river to new facilities above Bonneville Dam, where the impacts of hydropower dams impacted natural production of salmon and steelhead. Read more.