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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Potential for Strong Energy Efficiency Savings


Cost-effective energy efficiency is the priority resource in the Council's regional power plan, and it's the region's second largest resource after hydropower. Read more.

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APRIL 14-15 : Council Meeting, Portland (all meetings are remote access only)

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Coronavirus update: Joining the effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, the Council will make all meetings completely virtual through April 30th. The work of the Council and the RTF will continue remotely, and we encourage people to join our meetings and engage with our staff and members by phone and webinar and email. We will update this as more information becomes available.

More News


Columbia River Estuary Projects Are Improving Habitat For Migrating Juvenile Salmon and Steelhead

More than 14,000 acres of floodplain have been opened, including 500 acres in 2019 alone. Read more.

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Demand Response Potential

Demand response is the voluntary and temporary reduction in consumers' electricity use when the power system is stressed, and it's one of the ways the region can meet its peak electricity loads. Read more.


Fisheries Scientists Predict Another Down Year For Eulachon, AKA Pacific Smelt, In The Columbia River

The 2020 run of Columbia River Eulachon, a small fish also known as Pacific Smelt, is expected to be as good or better than the 2019 run, but the run this year is expected to continue a downward trend and, once again, recreational and sport fisheries have been curtailed -- as they have been every year since 2010. Read more.


Council Objects To Trump Administration Proposals That Would Raise BPA Power Cost, Sell Transmission System

It's not the first time an administration has proposed raising the cost of power sold by the Bonneville Power Administration, and all previous attempts have failed. This one should, too, the Council asserts in a letter to the Northwest Congressional delegation. Read more.


Students Produce Web-based Synopsis of 2019 Columbia River Transboundary Conference

Students and faculty from the University of Idaho and Washington State University developed a storymap to share information and outcomes from the 2019 International Columbia River Transboundary Conference, which was held in September in Kimberley, British Columbia. Read more.