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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Natural Gas Price Forecast: Abundant Supplies, Low Cost for Now

In preparation for the Council's 2021 regional power plan, Steven Simmons presented analysis on the price forecast for natural gas, a strong indicator of electricity prices and resource developments. Read more.

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Fish and Wildlife Program Cost Savings Help Pay For Fish Screen Repairs

Submerged for nearly 30 years, an irrigation canal's fish screens needed major repairs. Cost savings from projects in the Council's program paid for the work. Read more.


Sizing Up Onshore Wind Generation

Mike Starrett briefed the power committee on how staff will model onshore wind generation in its 2021 regional power plan. Wind is the largest source of renewable energy in the U.S. and the Northwest's second largest renewable resource after hydro generation. Read more.


Science Board, Citing Uncertainties, Says Salmon Reintroduction Above Grand Coulee ‘Could Be Successful’

Reintroduction ‘could be successful to some extent,’ the Council‘s Independent Scientific Advisory Board said after reviewing a feasibility report by the Upper Columbia United Tribes. The ISAB found the report scientifically credible and urged an early analysis of potential reintroduction costs. Read more.


Council Begins Review of Resident Fish and Sturgeon Projects in the Fish and Wildlife Program

The 47 projects account for about $35 million in annual spending. Project sponsors will be asked to revise their projects based on how well they have performed. The Independent Scientific Review Panel will review the proposals. The review is expected to conclude next summer. Read more.


Learn About the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program

The Council's new online communication tool will make it easier for users to learn about the fish and wildlife program. Read more.