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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

2018 Energy Efficiency Improvements Keep Region on Track Toward Regional Power Plan Goals

Savings reported for 2018 are equal to the power demand of 164,000 Northwest homes; lighting improvements were a big contributor. Read more.

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New Collection Facility Improves Passage for Salmon and Steelhead on Oregon's North Fork Santiam River

Hatchery fish are collected, and wild fish are released in an effort to help rebuild threatened species of Willamette River Chinook and winter steelhead. Read more.


Chance of Power Shortfalls Increase as Coal Plants Retire

As the Northwest's power system transitions from fossil fuel-based generation to more renewable resources like wind and solar, a critical concern is how to ensure that the region will have the power it needs when it needs it. Read more.


Bird Predation on Salmon and Steelhead Declines, But Now There is a New Problem: Birds on the Bridge

While the number of fish-eating birds in the Columbia River estuary has been drastically reduced since 1997, the population still is larger than fish managers would like. Read more.