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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

A Pile of Retirements: The Next 10 Years for Western Coal Plants

Coal has been used to generate electricity from the beginning of the electric grid. But generating electricity from coal, at least in the West, may become a thing of the past. And utilities' plans indicate the decline of coal generation in the West will be rapid over the next decade. Read more.

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SEPTEMBER 17-18: Council Meeting, Corvallis, Oregon

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Council Recommends 48 Projects to Implement the Fish and Wildlife Program

This month the Council recommended 48 fish and wildlife projects to the Bonneville Power Administration for funding which, if all are implemented, total more than $43 million. Read more.

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Douglas County PUD to Explore Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Production

Pilot project proposes producing hydrogen with surplus hydropower. Read more.


Resource Adequacy Symposium is Coming This Fall

Registration is underway for Resource Adequacy Symposium, hosted by the Northwest Power Pool in Portland, Oregon on October 2, 2019. Read more.


Downen Appointed to Council From Montana

In July Montana Governor Steve Bullock appointed Bo Downen, director of environmental and regional affairs at the Public Power Council, to replace Tim Baker as a Montana member of the Council. Read more.