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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Climate Change in the 2021 Power Plan


How to incorporate climate change impacts in the Northwest power plan is a big question. The Council hosted a workshop on modeling climate change and presented its proposed approach. Read more.

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Collaboration is Key to Balancing Fish and Wildlife Restoration with Conservation, Idaho's Fish and Game Director Tells Council

Many forces act on fish, wildlife, and the people who want to harvest them, creating a difficult balancing act for managers. Read more.


What’s Next for Solar Generation?

The equipment and installation costs for rooftop solar systems continue to decline, making them even more attractive for consumers who want to generate their own onsite clean electricity—referred to as behind the meter solar. Read more.


Northern Pike Could Be Devastating to Salmon and Steelhead, Scientists Warn in Report on Predation

Salmon and steelhead populations could collapse if Northern Pike escape Lake Roosevelt and establish downstream. Read more.