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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

The Northwest’s Regional Power Plan: Its Role in Securing Our Power Supply


The Pacific Northwest’s approach to energy planning is different from just about everywhere else in the world: It is a regionally coordinated, public process where everyone – utilities, interest groups, and individual citizens – can help decide how we meet our energy needs. And, most notably, it strives to balance the region’s energy needs with the needs of fish and wildlife. Read more.

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Economic Drivers of the 2021 Power Plan

The state of the economy is a critical factor in determining future energy needs, so analyzing the key economic drivers and developing a regional load forecast is one of the first tasks to complete on the way to building the Council's regional power plan. Read more.


White Sturgeon In the Columbia River Basin: Some Good News, Some Bad News

The healthiest populations are those than can still reach the ocean; for others, hatcheries and habitat improvements target declining stocks. Read more.


Lack of Funding Hampers Management of Columbia River Eulachon, a Threatened Species

Once wildly prolific, eulachon, also known as smelt, are declining, and a lack of funding hampers research and management of this very popular fish. Read more.


Ocean Expedition to Study Salmon in Winter Was a Unique Experience for Scientist, in Many Ways

From the ship's cat to the cluttered laboratory and lace curtains on the portholes, Laurie Wietkamp found that life aboard the Professor Kaganovskiy was just a bit different that what she was used to. Read more.