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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Climate Change Impacts Will Affect Timing, Volume of River Flows And Hydropower, Study Asserts

bonneville dam spill

Warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers seem likely to be the new normal as the result of climate change, and dam operators need to be ready. Read more.

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California’s 100 Percent Clean Energy Goal

The impact of California’s aggressive clean energy goal has far-reaching ramifications for the Northwest and beyond. The Council is assessing how it could affect the power system.

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Scientists Will Assess Impacts and Costs of Predation on Fish in the Columbia River Basin

Predation by marine mammals, invasive freshwater species, and birds is taking a toll on Columbia River fish species, but how much?

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tern management

With Nesting Area Relocated, Caspian Terns Feast on Fewer Fish in the Columbia River Estuary

Caspian Terns are eating fewer ESA-listed salmon and steelhead in the estuary, but the bird population, while reduced, remains above a target limit.

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Council Approves Release of Final Methodology for Estimating Energy Efficiency Savings in the Northwest White Paper

The white paper explains how energy efficiency savings estimates are developed by the Council and the Regional Technical Forum.

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