Demand response, wind, and solar resources could help fill the gap
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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Low Fish Returns? Blame the Blob


The 2017 Columbia River steelhead run could be the lowest in 50 years. The warm-ocean phenomenon known as The Blob may be the reason why. Read more.

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The Electric Utility Industry in a Changing World

On many fronts, the electric utility industry is grappling with what it means to be an energy provider in the 21st century and how to reform an old business model.

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Toxic Habitat?

Increasingly, research is identifying polluted fish habitat and demonstrating ways to control pollution and reduce impacts.

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Innovations in Irrigation Efficiency

Technological advances could help us lead in meeting the global demand for affordable food.

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Wildlife Haven

In Oregon's central Willamette Valley, a conservation easement retired farming and is rapidly evolving ideal wildlife habitat.

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Deep Decarbonization

Northwest Natural, citing its “climate imperative,” plans to reduce carbon emissions and boost energy efficiency.

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