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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Northwest Energy Savings Now Second Largest Resource


In 2014, Pacific Northwest utilities developed 262 average megawatts of new energy savings, enough to power 180,000 homes each year, adding to the region’s impressive track record in achieving energy efficiency. Read more.

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DEC 15-16 : Public Hearings on 7th Power Plan, Portland and Eugene

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The Battle Against Northern Pike Intensifies In Lake Roosevelt

The campaign to halt the proliferation of Northern pike in the reservoir behind Grand Coulee Dam is intensifying, state and tribal fish biologists reported to the Council.

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California's "Duck Curve" and What It Means for the Northwest

California's huge amount of renewable generation has prompted concerns about how to balance the system, a problem dramatically illustrated in the well-publicized "duck curve" chart.

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BPA Administrator Praises Energy Efficiency, Says Cost Review Will Keep Agency Competitive

Says Elliot Mainzer: It’s time to take a hard look at Bonneville’s fish, wildlife, and energy budgets to make sure the agency continues to fund initiatives that “give us real impact” and look for ways to potentially “trim tabs” on those that do not.

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