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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Warm Water Wreaks Havoc on Columbia River Fish


Snake River sockeye, an endangered species, appear to have been hit hard by the warm water, with only 9 fish having arrived on their own at spawning grounds compared to about 500 this time last year. Read more.

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Seventh Power Plan Begins to Take Shape

Energy efficiency, demand response are low-cost options to meet future energy and capacity needs.

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Washington Cannabis Growers Would Like Help with Energy Efficiency

However, while they are interested in incentives and programs to reduce their energy use, most have not been contacted by their local utilities to discuss energy-saving options.

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Genetics Analysis Can Help Detect Early Presence Of Invasive Freshwater Mussels

Scientists at the University of Montana are perfecting a technique to detect the presence of invasive freshwater mussels long before they form massive colonies that can clog water intakes, impact hydropower and irrigation facilities, cover marinas and beaches, and ruin fisheries by robbing the water of nutrients.

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