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Hydropower Shortage Unlikely Despite Low Regional Water Supply


While nearly all of the West is experiencing abnormally dry conditions, the water supply in most of the Columbia River Basin is close enough to normal that hydropower shortages are unlikely. Read more.

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MAY 21 : System Analysis Advisory Committee Webinar

MAY 26 : Power Committee Webinar

JUNE 3 : Regional Meeting for the Refinement Process for Program Goals and Objectives, Portland

JUNE 9-10 : Council Meeting, Coeur d'Alene

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Update on Scenario Analysis Results

This month the Council reviewed preliminary results from its early scenario analysis modeling. The Council's regional portfolio model explores how different resource strategies play out against a range of future conditions. It's used to help understand the best ways to ensure a reliable and affordable power system, and it's a critical part of developing the Council's power plan.

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Spring Chinook Crowd the Fish Ladders at Bonneville Dam

It's an avalanche of spring Chinook salmon at Bonneville Dam, 146 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean and the first place on the Columbia River where salmon and steelhead returning to spawn can be counted.

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The Region’s Economy Grows More Efficient

Since 2007, the region’s economy grew 10 percent while regional retail sales of electricity have stayed the same.

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Presentations and Video from Efficiency Exchange Conference

The 2015 Efficiency Exchange Conference held in Portland last month was an opportunity for people working to develop energy efficiency in the Northwest to share information and network. See the presentations and a discussion on the future of energy efficiency in a world of increasing connectivity.

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BPA Administrator Notes “Historic Era” For Electricity Industry

In a wide-ranging conversation with the Council this month, BPA Administrator Elliot Mainzer said the ongoing transformation of the electricity industry, characterized by a steady transition away from fossil fuel-fired power plants to greater reliance on renewable energy and energy efficiency, makes the current era a historical period for the Pacific Northwest.

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