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News about energy and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest

Research: Salmon Disappearing, Sea Lions Increasing

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If the circumstantial evidence bears out, adult salmon returning from the ocean to the Columbia River Basin are being killed by seals and sea lions between the estuary and Bonneville Dam in alarming numbers, according to research by NOAA Fisheries. Read more.

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DEC 9-10 : Council Meeting, Portland

DEC 10 : Wildlife Advisory Committee Meeting

DEC 17 : Conservation Resources Advisory Committee

DEC 18 : Generating Resources Advisory Committee

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Why We Plan For Uncertainty

The Council’s power plans begin with the premise that the future is uncertain and we can’t really predict what will happen. Managing that risk is central to the Council’s approach to resource planning.

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The Impact of Plug-in Vehicles, Data Centers, and More

The Council’s power committee met recently to hear about energy trends for plug-in electric vehicles, data centers, utility-scale solar energy, and combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plants. The information will help in developing its Seventh Power Plan.

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Council Approves Projects for Steelhead Kelts and Freshwater Cod

Two projects that aim to improve survival of steelhead and burbot the upper Columbia River Basin are moving ahead. This month the Council approved continued funding of a project that proposes to recondition steelhead after they have spawned to take advantage of their unique life-history trait.

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