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Welcome to the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Newsletter. You are receiving this because you are engaged in the Council’s work and we want to keep you informed throughout our current program amendment process. Through this newsletter we will continue to send regular updates and ways you can participate in the process.

December 13 at 5pm is the deadline to submit recommendations for the current Program amendment process. Submitted recommendations will be posted to the Council’s website and open for public comment after that date.

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DEC 10 : Ocean and plume Science Management, Portland

DEC 11 : Council Meeting, Portland

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Program-related News


The Pike Problem

Lurking under the quiet, shallow shoreline waters of Lake Roosevelt in Northeastern Washington is an aggressive, invasive predator that has the potential to upset billions of dollars of investment to rebuild native fish populations including redband trout, kokanee, white sturgeon, burbot, and possibly salmon and steelhead.

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“World Class” Research is Answering Questions About Fish Habitat, Hatcheries, and Genetics

For Fiscal Year 2017, the Bonneville Power Administration reported fish and wildlife costs totaling $450 million.

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“Habitat Superheroes” to the Rescue

Beavers provide a low-cost, low-tech method to restore habitat for fish and wildlife, including threatened and endangered species.

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sea lion

Freshwater Slaughter

Sea lions are feasting on Columbia River spring Chinook salmon and may be killing as much as 40 percent of the annual run.

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Timeline of Program Amendment Milestones