2021 power plan

2021 Power Plan Update


The Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s 2021 Power Plan Update delivers the latest news on the development of the region’s power plan. The newsletter is an occasional update on the status of the plan, topics of interest, and upcoming meetings to encourage your involvement in shaping our energy future. Learn more about the plan.

Electricity Price Forecast Trends: Lots of Renewables as Clean Energy Policies Drive Resource Development


At the Council’s August power committee meeting, John Ollis presented the preliminary findings of the Council’s wholesale electricity price forecast. The forecast is used in developing the Council’s resource strategy for its regional power plan. Read more.

Upcoming Meetings

SEPTEMBER 15-16: Council Meeting (Webinar): Updates to Electricity Price Forecast, Adequacy Findings, Regional Portfolio Model changes, and Regional Conservation Report

Additional Power Committee meetings have been scheduled in case they are needed to complete the plan. They are listed on our website. System Analysis and Conservation Resource Advisory Committee meetings added through January.

Upcoming Committee Sessions:

   SEPTEMBER 29: System Analysis and Modeling (SAAC)

   SEPTEMBER 30: Conservaton Resources (CRAC)

   OCTOBER 6: Resource Adequacy (RAAC)

   OCTOBER 27: Demand Response (DRAC)

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More News


Exploring Key Power Supply Questions Through Scenario Analysis

The Council’s regional power plan is not just an opinion of how the region should supply electricity. It is a strategy developed through a rigorous analytical process, conducted in the public sphere, where interested parties are invited to participate. Read more.


Canadian Columbia Basin Glaciers are Shrinking

Five years of research shows the warming climate is causing glaciers to retreat. There are implications for the Columbia River water supply. Read more.


In the Mix: Testing Small Modular Reactors as a Future Energy Source

At the June power committee meeting, Senior Policy Analyst Gillian Charles reviewed the primary generating resource reference plants developed for inclusion in the draft 2021 Power Plan and presented the proposed emerging technology reference plant that will be included as a resource option in the plan’s scenario analysis. Read more.