2021 power plan

2021 Power Plan Update


The Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s 2021 Power Plan Update delivers the latest news on the development of the region’s power plan. The newsletter is an occasional update on the status of the plan, topics of interest, and upcoming meetings to encourage your involvement in shaping our energy future. Learn more about the plan.

A Pile of Retirements: The Next 10 Years for Western Coal Plants


Coal has been used to generate electricity from the beginning of the electric grid. But generating electricity from coal, at least in the West, may become a thing of the past. And utilities' plans indicate the decline of coal generation in the West will be rapid over the next decade. Read more.

Upcoming Meetings

SEPTEMBER 17-18 : Council Meeting, Corvallis, Oregon

SEPTEMBER 25 : Generating Resources Advisory Committee, Portland

OCTOBER 24 : Conservation Resources Advisory Committee, Portland

OCTOBER 30 : Demand Response Advisory Committee, Portland

More energy-related meetings

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Imagining the Future to Prepare for It

Scenarios provide critical information to aid the region in navigating through a volatile and uncertain energy future. Read more.