2021 power plan

2021 Power Plan Update

JUNE 2019

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s 2021 Power Plan Update delivers the latest news on the development of the region’s power plan. The newsletter is an occasional update on the status of the plan, topics of interest, and upcoming meetings to encourage your involvement in shaping our energy future. Learn more about the plan.

Navigating a complex path to a secure energy future


Planning for the power system is challenging. As planners, we try to determine how much electricity we will need over the next 20 years by evaluating uncertainty about weather, fuel prices, and changes in technology. Read more.

Upcoming Meetings

JULY 16-17 : Council Meeting, Butte, Montana

JULY 25 : Conservation Resources Advisory Committee, Portland

More energy-related meetings

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Role of the Power Plan in Securing our Power Supply

The Pacific Northwest’s approach to energy planning is different from just about everywhere else in the world: It is a regionally coordinated, public process where everyone can help decide how we meet our energy needs. Read more.

climate change

Climate change in the 2021 Power Plan

How to incorporate climate change impacts in the Northwest power plan is a big question. The Council hosted a workshop on modeling climate change and presented its proposed approach. Read more.


Economic drivers of the 2021 Power Plan

The state of the economy is a critical factor in determining future energy needs, so analyzing the key economic drivers and developing a regional load forecast is one of the first tasks to complete on the way to building the Council's regional power plan. Read more.


Role of Advisory Committees

When Congress passed the Northwest Power Act in 1980, it signaled a major shift toward greater local, public participation in the energy policy decisions that affect everyone in the region. One key aspect to this directive is the use of advisory committees in developing the plan. Read more.