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Seventh Power Plan Update

Preliminary Analysis of Generating Resources


The types of energy resources most likely to be built in the next 20 years are natural gas, wind, and solar. Geothermal, hydropower, and biomass are also commercially available, but are expected to play a more limited role. Read more.

Upcoming Meetings

MAR 10-11 : Council Meeting, Eugene

MAR 12 : Resources Advisory Committee, Portland

MAR 24 : Conservation Resources Advisory Committee, Portland

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Scenario Analysis Begins

The process of comparing scenarios for the Seventh Power Plan will help in understanding the costs of reducing power system carbon emissions, the impact of carbon costs on energy efficiency and renewable resource development, and the potential value of storage technologies.

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Understanding the Council's Regional Portfolio Model

The Council's regional portfolio model, which it uses to test different resource strategies against a range of potential futures, is in the final stages in its redevelopment. It's expected to be ready to use by the end of March.

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Timeline of Major Milestones